5 Elements of a Corporate Organizations Communication Plan

5 Elements of a Corporate Organizations Communication Plan

Corporate communication is the aspect of public relations that focuses on brand building activities. It maintains the vision of the brand at a macro level. While a brand may refer to a person, people or an organization, it is essential that all activities in the communication plan promotes and conveys a coherent corporate image.

So here are some elements to include in a corporate communication plan for organizations:

  1. Goals: For organizations, the key to survival is goal setting. Goals create structures, and structures help internal stakeholders efficiently actualise the corporate vision. The goal of the communication plan defines the message, strategy, timeline and communication activities.
  2. Target Audience: Corporate organizations have different internal and external stakeholders, who are the target audience. Market segmentation allows communication professionals to identify these different audiences and craft messages that are best suited.
  3. Key Message: The message is the controlled factor of every communication plan, which means it must be developed to accommodate the channels of communication, while capturing the overall communication goal. An effective message is concise, relevant, tailored, simple, and stimulates action.
  4. Strategy: The implementation of the communication plan is referred to as the strategy. It focuses on how to achieve the goal in the most cost efficient way for the brand, while reaching the target audience.
  5. Timeline: Timelines are a great way to plan and for organizations that have many professionals working on a campaign or effecting a strategy, it helps to maintain order. Visual representation of workflow, upcoming events, and content can be created with a timeline. It is the best way to execute the communication strategy.

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