7 Reasons why your small and medium sized company should hire a communications agency in 2022 

7 Reasons why your small and medium sized company should hire a communications agency in 2022 

Written by Maris Owobu
Intern at Robert Taylor Media.

A common misconception among some leaders of small and midsize companies is that communications agencies are only required for large scale and popular companies.  This is however untrue as hiring a communications agency can be the best thing to happen to your small or medium-sized company.

 One thing that is not only constant in life but also in communications is change. 2021 saw a change in the way consumers consumed data and also related with brands. It is no longer enough to put out a single post on Instagram with a few caption and random hashtags. The consumers are now demanding more from brands and the way they communicate with their audience.

Thus with the constant change in communications, leaders of small and medium-sized companies must find a way to take this area of their business off their internal team’s plate. This will allow the internal team to focus on running and marketing the business effectively. 

Below are seven reasons why your small and medium-sized companies should engage a COMMUNICATIONS agency in 2022.

1. Leverage on an abundance of resources: hiring a COMMUNICATIONS agency gives you access to a range of resources at the agency’s disposal which would probably take your internal team a considerable amount of time to access. 

2. Hiring a COMMUNICATIONS agency allows you focus on what your company does best: you have to admit that every company has its strengths and its weakness. Thus hiring a communications agency allows your small or medium-sized company to focus on their strengths and achieve their goals faster. 

3. Increase brand awareness:  COMMUNICATIONS is an excellent way of increasing brand awareness for your company. With access to top media houses, online blogs, influencers, etc. a communications agency is sure to put your brand in front of your target audience.

4. Crisis management: a company having communications crisis is not only inevitable but can also be unexpected. Having an external team handle this period which ultimately determines the future of your brand is essential. COMMUNICATIONS agencies are equipped with resources and expertise required to handle crisis management and ensure a midsized company isn’t overwhelmed or consumed by the crisis.

5. Get outside perspective on your brand: often times, brands are very used to focusing on the internal workings of the firm that they neglect how their brand is perceived by the public. Having a good COMMUNICATIONS firm can help you gain public perspective of the company.

6. Providing advice on content that works best for your company: it may be hard to know what type of content is good for your small or medium based business. With the way trends spring up every day on social media, companies may be tempted to hop on every trend with the hope of going viral. However, not every trend is a good fit for your brand. This is why it is advised that you hire experts to help identify the right type of content that would be well suited for your brand.

7. More visibility with the press: hiring a COMMUNICATIONS agency is a good strategy in ensuring your firm gets all the visibility and press it needs. Yes, you have a good product but without the right buzz and visibility with the press, this may contribute negatively to the success of your product.

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